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Pre-Owned Car Dealer near Thousand Oaks

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Pre-Owned Car Dealer near Thousand Oaks

It is very frustrating when you go to a Pre-Owned Car Dealer near Thousand Oaks and fail to find a car that matches your needs and preferences. That should not happen to you at Wholesale Investments Inc. We at Wholesale Investments Inc are a well-reputed, longstanding pre-owned car dealer, and we have one of the largest collections of pre-owned cars in the area. Our used cars are of many different makes, sizes, and capabilities. Our used cars are available in a variety of different body styles. We have sedans, coupes, wagons, convertibles and even hatchbacks. You have plenty of choice at Wholesale Investments Inc.

Pre-Owned Mustang Dealer

The Ford Mustang is one of the cars that you can typically find at this Pre-Owned Car Dealer near Thousand Oaks. The iconic Ford Mustang is renowned for its extraordinary power and exemplary performance; undoubtedly, it is a great choice for speed junkies and thrill seekers. It is offered with a number of potent powertrain options that will blow you away. The base Ford Mustang models feature V6 engines with 200hp; these models promise 0-60 mph times of just under seven seconds.

The Mustang GT kicks it up a notch with larger V8 engines that generate over 300hp. You can count on these models to race to 60 mph a little over five seconds. The famed Shelby GT500 models get an even larger and more powerful V8 engine that puts out over 500hp. The more recent Ford Mustang models adds an Ecoboost trim that features turbocharged V6 engines; these turbo engines offer a mix of potent power and exceptional fuel efficiency.

Accord at Our Dealer near Thousand Oaks

Another car that you can find at this Pre-Owned Car Dealer near Thousand Oaks is the Honda Accord. The Honda Accord is ranked as one of the best sedans in the midsize car segment. This is because it is very reliable and durable. When well maintained, this car can outlast even trucks. Its parts and components are designed to handle heavy usage. The Honda Accord offers a roomy, comfortable interior that seats five passengers.

The Honda Accord is a car that leads the way in the area of safety and security features. It has been designed to offer sufficient safety for the family. Its safety features include front and rear crumple zones, enough airbags to shield the passengers in both rows, a vehicle stability control system that helps the car to maintain directional control when it is being driven on slippery roads, an antilock braking system that keeps the brakes from locking when the brakes are applied, and many more.

Come and see these cars and all the other pre-owned cars that Wholesale Investments Inc has at 16161 Raymer Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406. All these cars have been serviced and tested by our trusted mechanics, so you know they are in great condition.

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